The Red Revolution

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Freedom of a name-not just a number.

Break free from the barcode of society.

Welcome to the Revolution, THE RED REVOLUTION.

We are an Army of Love, Self-less Soldiers sent to Revolutionize the way we live our lives. Founded by Gwendolyn A. Bork, the mission statement is simple: Speak the TRUTH in Love. If you agree, join the Revolution. Show your support by attending the live music performances with various artists or "Red Receptions" as well as attending Conferences that Gwendolyn speaks at to further the mission by revealing her testimony of hope after having a near-death experience from a car accident, all found in her auto-biography "Walking the Fine Line-The path between a peak and a valley". 

"I was driven by bad choices, corrupted by a world that I thought I could find refuge in, yet in reality, there's no place like home." ~ Gwendolyn A. Bork

When you hear "the Red Coats are coming" be forewarned, we wear the color of love, and we have come to set you free.

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